FOKUME – CHIKIBIGGIE – Yo Gotti – Down in the DM remix00:56


Gipsy Rapper Yo Gotti – Down in the DM Remix

He did it this time. Gipsy Remix? Oh my god!

Share this remix until the billboard board manager calls and ask a Fokume album that can hit the chart. It doesn’t matter that he’s gipsy. He got talent, His flow is so crazy

Even Kanye West and entire rap game would crack, Where is Dj Khaled now with his motivational speech. No way man, this is too much. Even Kylie Jenner would marry Fokume. The Gipsy Rapper Remix is totally incredible. We liked it so much just after the first play. We couldn’t belive that something like this is really possible. When we made the first interview of the Gipsy Rapper himself he told us that he really enjoy Yo Gotti’s new track and we asked him to record a freestyle with his own ideas. He agreed and instantly we knew he would kill the beat real fast. He is so natural and all that. Everything is goin as smooth as possible. He started to rhyme almost instant.

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