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Gipsy Rapper

is back ! We managed to find this young talent somewhere at the end of the world. This is the first interview of Fokume. The road was though and hard, but all our efforts paid off. From now on everything is official. Our dream is to put Fokume between the stars, because he deserves it. Subscribe to his official channel to be the first to get all the new Gipsy Rapper videos. For those that you don’t know, Fokume became very popular online with his viral video ” Jigubigule” that was an original reinterpretation of the famous song made by Jason Derulo – Wiggle Wiggle. Please subscribe to his official youtube channel and be the first to see all new 2016 Gipsy Rapper’s videos, including Rihanna – Work, Drake – Hotline Bling, Desiigner – Panda, Kevin Gates – 2 Phones and many more. It is really really hard not to laugh when you see the Gipsy Rapper performing. Let me tell you something. First thing after you start the camera, the dance moves just come naturally. This is what a real artist must feel just after you press the play button. He’s here to entertain all of you, and to make you forget about  the bad things, that are happening in the world. He doesn’t care that you care, or you don’t care. He is one with the music , and he can make you feel it the same way. Don’t waste your time on nonsenses. Let the Gipsy Rapper entertain you to the maximum. All his songs are very cool. I remember when i first listened to the Jigubigule song, the wiggle wiggle song. I was completely shocked, but in a positive way. I was laughing my ass off, and the first thing i did after that was to share the song.

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